Cintra Consulting Ltd

Helping you make the right decision, and writing it down too.

Our Firm

Cintra Consulting Ltd is a management consulting firm helping public, private and non-profit sector clients understand the problem, assess alternatives, and make decisions on large capital projects.

Federal – Municipal Grant Applications

Business Cases and Project Feasibility Studies

Risk Analysis

Technical Writing

Past Clients: TransLink, Vancouver Airport Authority, Colliers Project Leaders


“Supportive environment, Flexible hours, The best CEO to work for/with”

“Because it is a small/medium company, I got to know a lot outside of my scope of work. That created a great working and learning environment. Even though the work was done remotely, my supervisor made sure to provide enough support through virtual meetings, emails and phone communications”

“I got my first chance to work as a co-op student at Cintra Consulting and I can’t imagine a better place to get started. My supervisor was always available for me to talk to and ask questions of, even through remote work. As a small business, I got to see a lot of the inner workings of the business and got to try out a lot of various work, all of which I hope will contribute to both my future goals and the future success of Cintra.”