Company History

Cintra was created in 2005.  This business was created out of a need for the owner to have a flexible work arrangement, not usually possible in a traditional office job.  Over the ensuing years, Cintra has provided niche services to public sector and non-profit clients who are planning or considering major capital investments. Cintra coordinates, facilitates, and documents investments decisions.  These can include: federal, provincial, or municipal level funding applications, project justifications, business cases, feasibility studies and project definition reports.

Our Team

Lisa Brown
Lisa BrownCEO & Founder
I am a consultant, business owner and engineer with professional affiliations in Canada, Ireland and the UK. I enjoy figuring out problems that require a multidisciplinary, multidimensional mindset. I try to make best use of my technical background to ask all the right questions, in order to solve the problem at a corporate strategic level. I enjoy running, cooking, baking, gardening, and spending time with my family. I look forward to having the time to pick up a novel again.
Jan Pezarro BSc CMC
Jan Pezarro BSc CMCAssociate
I am a certified management consultant with 30+ years experience in the transportation sector, who specializes in infrastructure. My passion for innovation, technical knowledge and professional experience, coupled with strong facilitation skills, has made me a valued member of project teams across Canada. Many of my clients value me as a ‘thinking partner’ – reflecting my ability to help individuals and teams to consider alternative solutions and develop innovative responses.

Previous Co-ops

Maral Munkhuu
Maral MunkhuuCo-op Student Summer 2020
Lincoln Yam
Lincoln YamCo-op Student Fall 2020
Karan Jhurani
Karan JhuraniCo-op Student Spring 2021